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zebra zt230

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Zebra ZT230

Product typeindustrial and commercial printer
Resolution12 point /mm
Printing methodThermal or thermal transfer printing
Print speed6 inch /152 millimeter correction per second
Maximum print width4.09 inches /104mm
Maximum print length73 inches /1854mm
Communication interfaceUSB2.0, RS-232 serial port
Storage128MB (4MB user) error correction
Medium typecontinuous paper, die cutting paper, label paper, black paper
Medium length39 inches /991 millimeter
Medium width0.75 inches /19.4 millimeter -4.5 inches /114 millimeter
Medium thickness0.003 inches /0.076 millimeter to 0.010 inch /0.25 millimeter
Maximum outer diameter8 inches /203 millimeter
Core diameter outside diameter6 inches /152 millimeter, inner diameter: 1 inch /25 millimeter
Only the thermal transfer ribbon setup optionsRibbon face outward winding, core of roll core
Ribbon length1476 ft /450 M
The ribbon width1.57 inches to 4.33 inches /110 mm /40 mm
Ribbon ratio3:1
Ribbon diameter3.2 inches /81.3 mm
The inner diameter of the core1 inches /25 millimeter
Product Size277 x 242 x 432mm
Product weight9.1kg
Power supply voltage AC100-240V, 47-63Hz
Working temperature of environmental parameters5-40 C, working humidity: 20-85%RH (non condensing)
Storage temperature-40-60 C, storage humidity: 5-85%RH (non condensing)


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